Grammarly, The ESL Tool That Helped Me Get Promoted

By Ines R

Spanish is my first language. I grew up speaking, reading, and writing it fluently, so I wasn’t always confident when communicating in English — especially professionally.

After college, I was fortunate enough to land an amazing role in communications. Only a week into my new position, I realized that the job involved writing more emails, newsletters, and announcements than I had anticipated. So I found myself, once again, self-conscious about my English skills.

Thankfully, my coworker, who is also bilingual, recommended that I check out Grammarly — a free AI-powered communication assistance that helped take my writing to the next level.

Here are five things Grammarly helped me with.


By identifying incorrect punctuation, missing commas, and run-on sentences, Grammarly has vastly improved my grammar. The writing assistance not only guides me through each of my mistakes but also provides insightful suggestions that improve and strengthen my writing.

I love that Grammarly includes ‘Learn More’ links underneath each suggestion, so I fully understand any words, terms, or rules I’m not familiar with.


I have an annoying habit of redundancy. So it’s extremely helpful when Grammarly spots overused words, such as “really” and “actually,” that add little meaning to my message. It catches frequently used words and conveniently offers a diverse selection of synonyms.

I consistently remove repetition from my writing and expand my personal vocabulary at the same time.


Grammarly detects the tone reflected in my writing and makes appropriate suggestions and changes, so my perspective comes across the way I intend. With the goal feature, I set goals that are tailored to my audience and objectives.

The Weekly Insights Report pinpoints the distinctive tones reflected in my writing over the past week and alerts me if there have been any shifts in a tone’s frequency. It’s great to receive such specific data and see how my skills are improving over time.

Mobile Mastery

My favorite part of Grammarly? I can take it anywhere.

No more panic that I’ve missed a communications blast while on my morning commute. Grammarly is compatible with all devices and provides an all-in-one experience that helps bilingual writers communicate clearly and effectively. Once I set up Grammarly on my laptop and phone, I simply jump in whenever and wherever I need.


Now that I have Grammarly, I send out all sorts of effective communications from work and from home. Grammarly keeps me calm and confident and saves so much time. I no longer break my writing flow by looking up synonyms or grammatical rules. Overall, Grammarly’s communication assistance is like another pair of eyes. It’s akin to having an English tutor in your pocket.

It’s helped me settle into my new role because I can articulate precisely in both Spanish and English. These days, I feel like I’m making a dynamic impression at my new company.

With Grammarly, there’s no need to worry that you don’t have the tools to communicate, even if English isn’t your first language.

Super helpful and easy to download, Grammarly is an instant enhancement to your life. Great for work, school, your personal life, and even creative writing!

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